Training facility in old university in the Netherlands

By on January 13, 2016

Training facility in old university in the Netherlands 1

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An old Library of the Delft University of Technology, which after construction of a new library in 1997, was left on the sidelines, was finally used. Traditional Renaissance building, put up in 1915, was restored and given to the training center of an energy company, but with one important condition – the company had to protect and maintain architectural monument in good historical form.

Despite repairs, the inner space of the former library needed updating and rethinking. Dutch architects BK.Architecten dealt with these issues and designed a new space basing on the history of the place.

They started with frescoes and almost six-meter stucco ceilings – wall paintings and arches, lavishly decorated with original plaster reliefs, were cleaned and further strengthened.

The floors in the central triple high atrium were overlaid with polished Portuguese stones with an image of a marine compass being laid in the center – it reminds of that period in the history of the Netherlands when it was the most powerful maritime country in the world.

Compass and blue carpets with an image of the Netherlands sea chart remind about nowadays of the former library – now courageous energy men are studying here and after graduating they will leave to work offshore.

Bookshelves once again appeared in almost all areas of the new training center – minimalistic original constructions, perfectly embedded in the complex geometry of rooms.

Classrooms and lecture halls are where once reading rooms were. In the course of works the architects solved the problems with the acoustics and equipped the building with modern air conditioning and temperature control system, that is rather important for a monument that has already celebrated its centenary.

The designers themselves designed the furniture for the center – these are concise tables, stools, chairs and cabinets, simple and functional items that do not keep from admiring a splendid architecture and make the learning process comfortable.

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