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By on June 9, 2015

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A button-like device called the Sleep Pill is attached to your pillow and uses a 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope to monitor movement during the night. Data is then transmitted to the Sense sphere over Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+.
Built into the sphere are sensors to monitor ambient light, temperature, humidity, particles in the air, and a microphone. These combine to gather information such as humidity, the presence of pollen in the air and noises such as car alarms or garbage trucks. Connecting over Wi-Fi, a companion app (both iOS and Android compatible) is then ready and waiting with a Sleep Score for when you wake up.

The Sleep Score offers a rating out of 100 based on the quality of the night’s rest, as determined by the information gathered by the sensors. Diving further into the app reveals information on what exactly is causing disturbances.
The Sleep Pill is washing machine safe and runs on a coin-cell battery that is claimed to be good for a year’s use.

The sphere itself runs on a micro-USB wall charger.

Hello is the startup behind Sense and is accepting pre-orders for $ 129.



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