Paolo Moschino’s apartment in London

By on March 22, 2016

Paolo Moschino confesses to loving his apartment in a Victorian house near the Buckingham Palace at a glance.

The white part of the living room. An Art Deco table of two wood types. Iron console in the corner is decorated with wooden sculptures, including a bust of Jean Cocteau – a collection of his drawings is hanging on the walls.

A native of Florence, Paolo settled in London twenty years ago. He began his career working in the fashion business with Joseph Ettedzhi. Then he entered the Nicholas Heslema’s Interior design office, where he managed procurement in Italy. But ten years ago, Paolo undertook independent projects.

Except of decorator Paolo Moschino (left) and his friend Philip Virgil, two boxers live in their London apartment.

In front of the living room the walls are covered with panels of aged pine and decorated with XVIII century drawings and engravings. Upholstered velvet sofa is decorated with cushions of antique textiles.

It took a year for Moschino and his friend Philip Virgil to replan the apartment. Multitude of close small rooms were converted in two bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining room and living room, divided into two parts with English antique chinoiserie style and a large wooden portal.

In the dining room – silk curtains and linen Roman blinds with a floral pattern, NH Design. Dishes with the monograms of the Russian imperial family were bought by Moschino at Christie’s, while the silverware was inherited.

Kitchen by French Creek Cabinet Company, with an oak table top. French carved wood lamp and old Provecal table.

But as for remaining space, there he gave free rein to his imaginations with velvet sofas, tiger print upholstered armchairs and a collection of cushions of vintage fabrics. The old books in high bookcases, and the walls decorated with paintings. Even a master bedroom, is all covered with phantasmagoric engravings by Piranesi.

The main color for the guest bedroom is royal red with a mink blanket being on the XIX century wooden bed.

Moschino says he is a true shopaholic since he buys a lot of things, always throws something away or gives it to the customers. But this is what makes him like his flat: though you can completely change the whole interior any time, the space will still be whole and complete.

The master bedroom – Piranesi prints without frames in a continuous line, typical for the XVIII century.

Bedroom. The canopy over the bed is made of Belgian linen. English Neo-Gothic chair French foot stool of the middle of the XIX century.

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