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By on November 11, 2017

panorama-staircase-5 panorama-staircase-4 panorama-staircase-3 panorama-staircase-1 panorama-staircase-6 panorama-staircase-2 panorama-staircase-0 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-15-600x421 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-13-600x402 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-2-600x447 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-1 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-14-600x407 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-16-600x911 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-19-600x445 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-3-600x407 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-4-600x401 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-11-600x402 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-5-600x891 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-12-600x399 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-8a-600x448 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-9-600x395 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-17-600x399 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-18-600x919

Moon Hoon architecture company ( South Korea) has been tasked to create a modern space for a large family where kids could be kids…to play, to study, to read.

Because the house is situated on a irregular and sloped lot the design came out long and thin.In the central part of the house sits a multifunctional staircase of epic proportions that is the hub of activity connecting the house’s library, cinema and the play area. The house gives the parents the upper part of the home while the children can rule the lower part. Heading down to the lower floors can happen taking the stairs or using the slide instead, with kids and adults alike invited .

There is a book storage underneath every stair, making access easy for the little ones, and at the base we find a seating area to be used while watching films projected on the back wall.

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