Luxurious interior in Moscow apartment

By on February 15, 2016

Oksana Stanislavova adores gray, while her customer considers black the most comfortable colour in the world. Still not their distinctive coloristic preferences, but pets were the engine for the project.
For several years a client has been sharing her one-room apartment with two representatives of the cat family, one of whom liked to fool around at night. Desperate to reeducate the animal, she decided to redo the apartment so as to find a place for a separate bedroom. In such cases a widespread solution is to move a bed to the kitchen, and change living room into kitchen.  But the mistress didn’t like this option. As a result, a new idea leaped: to hide a bedroom behind a carved lattice.
Living room
A corner sofa from BoSoncept is the centerpiece of the living room. Although it is not a fold-out-sofa, it is rather ample to accommodate two people if necessary. The mistress dreamed of a black couch, but Oksana convinced her that such a big interior feature as sofa should be light so as not to overload the space. By the way, the mistress’s cats match the interior color palette, so when they shed it doesn’t strike the eye. And most importantly, they do not have a villainous habit to tear up the furniture

Oksana’s client was not ready to sacrifice a full kitchen for the sake of a bedroom. Moreover, after renovation this space has become multi-functional: a bar counter serves both as a dining table and a cabinet where the hostess, a young woman who is actively building her career, can work with papers. The designer upholstered black leather stools, inherited from the old interior, in gray blankets to match the interior. The leg bar provides shelves for storage.
One of the walls in the hallway is covered with geometric pattern wallpaper. The kitchen has a patterned apron of Moroccan tiles, in the bedroom – a painted wall, in the living room – a carved partition. Since the ornaments are different everywhere, the system does not reveal itself immediately. However, Oksana deliberately used this technique – it is always great when a new dimension opens in a familiar space.
The main task was to bring more natural light and fresh air into the bedroom and to prevent bully-cats from entering it. Wooden lattice, made to order, copes with this task perfectly: Oksana calculated everything so that even a cat’s head cannot get into the largest hole. The lattice has another valuable feature: if you turn the bedroom lighting on, then from the living room it will look like an unusual light panel-painting. And when the lights in the bedroom are turned off, you can see an intriguing gold pattern gleaming through the wall bars. The mistress said gold is among her least favorite materials, but Oksana decided to rely on intuition and has not mistaken: the client has seen value in this idea.

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