Imperial Proper Coffee Drip

By on February 5, 2018

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The perfect brewing drip that extracts the most body and essence out of the coffee bean. Finely tune your own custom brew and flavor!


Proper Coffee – Imperial Drip


Proper Coffee Imperial Drip

Proper Coffee is fortunate to have had a successful KickStarter with our original coffee drip maker, the Proper Coffee Cold Drip. We have shipped our coffee brewers all around world to coffee shops, homes, and businesses, including two coffee makers prominently placed in the Mandarin Hotel in Tokyo. We were also fortunate to have Barrington Coffee feature our brewer and use it to serve their amazing coffee at TEDxNortheasternU. Our coffee brewer was featured in Wired Magazine’s November 2013 issue as part of their short-list of connoisseur coffee-crafters.  Since KickStarter was key to help launch the Proper Coffee Cold Drip in 2012, and after a year of development and refinement, we felt the time was right to come back and introduce and seek funding for our new Imperial Proper Coffee Drip.



Our goal is to help fund an in-house manufacturing area dedicated for the new Imperial Proper Coffee Drip along with the original Proper Coffee Cold Drip coffee maker. The plan is to manufacture and hand-assemble each and every piece in-house at our Michigan facility. This will bring production costs down and also increase quality and production speed.



Imperial Drip

The Imperial Proper Coffee Drip is a blend of Japanese old-style coffee making with a modern look and feel. We strive to produce a coffee drip that will achieve finer control over bringing out the true quality and characteristics of the finished bean. Accurately time and brew your favorite bean flavor characteristic every time!

The process can take 1 to 4 hours at a recommended 40 to 45 drips per minute rate. The time and drip rate depends on how strong you want the taste. In our tests, using the best 3rd wave coffee brands produces a sweet, flavorful coffee with a nice caffeine kick while avoiding the acidity common to hot-brew methods.


The Brew

The Imperial takes a new twist on brewing coffee. Not only does it brew coffee by a slow measured drip, but it also recirculates the coffee from main brewing vessel. This creates a whole new brewing concept and characteristic that allows for more water to coffee grind contact over a longer period of time.


The Drip

Using our custom developed peristaltic pump you can finely tune the speed of the brew which allows you to extract the most body and essence out of the coffee. Speed it up or slow it down to create your own style of brew and flavor. The coffee brewer runs on a typical 120v and 240V wall outlet with the supplied power adapter and inline power switch; and it produces 16 oz of condensed coffee, allowing for 2 to 3 servings per brew.


The Design

Engineered from the finest materials and hand assembled in Novi, MI. The Imperial Proper Coffee Drip is designed to last forever and also create a great conversation piece for guests visiting your house, office or coffee shop.

Dimensions: 9″ deep x 9″ wide x 27.5″ tall

Frame: Laser Cut Steel

Power Supply: 120V and 240V with adapters

Also includes: Brewing tube, Brewing Vessel and 50 filter papers.


Risks and challenges

There are always risks and challenges when venturing into producing a new product. However, Proper Coffee and I are up for the venture! We already successfully launched and shipped on time our previous coffee drip KickStarter campaign several years ago. Over time we have also gained important knowledge on producing products raised from KickStarter and meeting the set goals. We will be manufacturing and assembling every component in-house for quality control. The great news as a result is that we control production, build quality, logistics, and shipping. Plus, if you need to contact us, we are available at any time! We love talking about coffee!!

We have several, fully-assembled, Imperial Proper Coffee drips brewing non-stop to make sure every component is working consistently and as expected. The money raised will help us go into full production and keep everything in house.

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