Ian McDonald’s vessels

By on January 2, 2016


“Ian’s Bayview studio is about as uncluttered as it gets. He doesn’t need much to make his ceramic sculptures— mostly it just comes down to his potter’s wheel (which he’s had since he was a teenager!), some basic hand tools, clay, water, and glazes. His studio is within a large shared warehouse. His utilitarian studio and precise manner are indicators of how he comes to his work— in both aesthetics and technique Ian’s sensibility is minimalistic but carefully considered.”

Vertical, cylindrical sculptural vessel inspired by industrial parts in white and grey glazed stoneware. Sculpted ribbed detail at rim of upper portion. Dark grey, speckled coloration at rib edges, and splattered dark grey glaze throughout. These are his works , and many will love to have them around.Ian McDonald’s sculptural pieces create a visual language of its own. In between practical pottery and art-form, his vessels play with the viewer’s imagination as if they were parts of a bigger unknown mechanism.

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