How to optimize 600 sq ft

By on April 13, 2017

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Fitting furniture into a 600 sq ft (56 sq m) condo or apartment ?  MIT’s architectural program have come up with the CityHome project; a versatile appliance-like solution, designed to increase usable space by two or three times. The concept is relatively simple: condense all the necessary amenities, such as the bed, entertainment unit, counters, work space, cooking unit and range, furniture storage, etc. into one transformable wall system  via interactive touch elements, hand gestures, and voice control.

Gestural commands has been applied as well to the lighting system, so that residents can adjust the ambiance in any area of the room as needed, or control of the window blinds.
Touch sensors on either side of the modular unit control additional motors that can move it across the room a few feet in either direction. The shifting ability allows for users to expand the main living/sleeping/entertaining space, while reducing the size of the bathroom, or vice versa.


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