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By on September 17, 2017

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Luybov picked up an own theme for each room. She decided to design the hallway and a study in the English spirit – their walls were covered with wood walnut paneling matching the floor and doors of the same color. A bathroom and a laundry room were also designed in this restrained style.
A reading corner in the living room was made to order by door manufacturers basing on designer’s sketches. Chandeliers – IL ParalumeMarina.
The living room is decorated in light comfortable American classics, while the dining room and kitchen have been exposed to the French south: they are decorated with images of Mediterranean plants and herons nesting on the coast. The interiors of the bedrooms and “menthol” dressing-boudoir have also been made in the romantic French spirit.
For the study the author of the project bought vintage lithographs that are illustrations to a French song of the beginning of the XIX century PartantpourlaSyrie (“Going hiking to Syria”). Founded in Madrid, at NuevoEstiloDécorAccion, they were restored in the All-Russian Scientific and Artistic restoration center named after academician Igor Grabar.
Provasi furniture was placed in the study. Sliding table with open shelves in the base provides for two working areas. Sofa and chair – Morelato.
Antiquities are also present in the bedroom interior: Japanese cloisonné enamel vase was purchased at a flea market in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, while a nephrite bird – in an antique shop in Hong Kong. Aged mirrors match French doors to the terrace.
The designer had either to reduce some furniture in size to accommodate a niche, or take into account the height of the beam with a fake window in a shower. Assembled all together, the classic image appears rich and interesting, full of details and ornaments.

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