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Bonaverde’s coffee machine not only grinds and brews coffee, it also roasts green coffee beans.  The coffee lover can bypass 17 stages typically involved in the processing and distribution process. The promise is of a “tree-to-cup” experience in less than 12 minutes.

But more than just a fast, high-tech way of making coffee, Bonaverde coffee makers personalize the relationship between coffee drinkers and coffee producers, from whom they can buy their beans directly. Bonaverde is connected to a network of farmers around the globe. Sustainability is also on the cards as beans will be shipped in jute bags, avoiding less environmentally-friendly materials such as paper, plastic and aluminum.
“Our concept is a complete shift away from the established market. We give our customers complete control over the roasting process and ensure that more money goes to where the most value is generated – the coffee farmers,” says the founder Hans Steer.






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