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By on March 29, 2018


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This system is proposed to offer coffee drinkers the fine control they would get by doing everything manually, but without all the work. Users will be able to control every detail of their brew from one smartphone app. Everything from the way to beans are ground to the amount of water pressure can be adjusted. The app features thousands of recipes that users can brew quickly, provided they have the proper ingredients on hand. If not, the app will offer users the ability to order what they need for next time.

The app can also offer recommendations based on the preferences of the user. With the prevalence of smart products that learn from our desires, it makes sense to see a premium coffee machine that does just that.
The machine contains a coffee bean container, a syrup capsule container, and a one-liter milk chamber. The milk container is cooled, so it will be able to keep the milk stored over a long period of time.

Arist also features a porcelain-blade grinder that should allow users to finely adjust the grind to suit the particular needs of the drink they desire.

One of the cooler feature of Arist is its NFC capabilities. With this, users can use an NFC tag on a cup, and whenever that cup is placed on the machine, a certain drink is brewed automatically. Especially for those of us drunk sleeping in the mornings this comes as a relief.

The coffee machine can be pre-ordered  for $399.
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