Casa 7 A

By on June 5, 2015

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Casa 7A was  raised on the hills near Bogotá ,  using  materials such as concrete, sandstone, timber for the framework, and sustainably-grown teak,  for the furniture, screens, and flooring.It covers a surface of 550 sq m (5,920 sq ft).

Oriented north-to-south, it helps reduce solar heat gain, and keeps the sun on the swimming pool for most of the day. It has also  a solar panel heating system  to warm the pool water. Casa 7A additionally features a ventilated roof and a catchment system which collects rainwater for irrigation use.

This beautiful house’s layout is separated into two main section: open outer spaces, and private inner rooms. The private areas include four bedrooms, each with en suite bathroom, plus another bathroom, a kitchen, and utility rooms.

The semi-outdoor living space is even  more interesting . The outside kitchen, toilet, and patio areas feature no walls to keep out the great outdoors, but when  privacy is required – timber screens can be slid across on runners (or in some places pivoted) to close off the home.


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