Tsukiji Room H

By on March 24, 2017

Source: http://4sdy1.com/?page_id=15tsukiji_room_h_19 tsukiji_room_h_10 tsukiji_room_h_11 tsukiji_room_h_01 tsukiji_room_h_03 tsukiji_room_h_07 tsukiji_room_h_04 tsukiji_room_h_09 tsukiji_room_h_16 tsukiji_room_h_15 tsukiji_room_h_05
The pictures illustrate a bedsit in Tokyo that uses a central unit to partition the room and adapt it between different needs .Tsukiji Room H, designed by Yuichi Yoshida & Associates, has a floorspace of 47.6 sq m (511.8 sq ft). It is designed as a single dwelling that can also be used as an office. That requires a well distribution and balance of space. The biggest place is taken by the bedroom after the living room but the mobile walls can hide it completely.

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