By on April 13, 2018

Source : https://lockitron.com/help/media
Lockitron can address iPhone 4S and iPhone users, the locks can open automatically as the user approaches them, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

For Android phones with NFC, you they simply wave the device in front of the Lockitron, and it will turn the deadbolt. Other internet-enabled phones can use it via their mobile web browser. Even users without smartphones can send a text message to Lockitron to unlock their door, for a monthly fee.

The device has a knock sensor. If someone knocks on the door, the homeowner will receive a notification . It also has an unlock sensor, so if someone uses a traditional key to gain access to the house, the main user will be notified.

Lockitron runs on two AA batteries which last normally about a year. When the batteries are running low, it will signal the owner. .
The Lockitron will be aiming for a retail of $199 when it officially goes on sale next year.

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